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Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday | 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM

Further enhancing your children’s development.

Young boy learning new wordsWhile your pre-k children are still in the preoperational stage of development, we have provided a wide array of activities that will focus on different areas such as music, movement, and art. We also have programs integrated with the Common Core Curriculum that will prepare your children for more advanced learning such as Mathematics, Technology, Science, English, etc.

These activities include:

  • Learning number, letters, and shapes in a foreign language (Spanish)
  • Longer circle time focusing on songs, object recognition, and the sounds of the alphabet
  • Child-initiated, child-centered activities
  • Outdoor playtime for physical development and growth
  • Introduction of Cognitive Skills with Matching, Sequencing, Object Recognition, and Story Telling
  • Hands-on technology sessions working with tablets, iPads, and computers
  • Building writing skills with activities reinforcing penmanship

If you are interested to enroll your children at Lil Iniventors Child Care, please don’t hesitate to call us at 718-502-6455 or send your application through our Enrollment page.

  • Pre K for All
  • New York City Department of Education